Physical training has a limit…  get the Mental Edge

To improve athlete performance, effective coaches tailor their coaching style to suit the
individual communication, motivation and behavioral style of their athletes.

Don’t risk ‘one size fits all’
Time poor as a coach?

Exceptional coaching relies on having the information to enable you to tailor your
coaching style for each athlete and the benefit of the team.

In 30 minutes, discover more about your athletes than you could in a year.

Ever struggle to get the message across to your athletes?

Be strategic - have impact with every coaching instruction you give and get your
message across the first time.

Do athletes not taking responsibility for their behaviors hurt
sporting performances?

Have a useful tool to build self awareness in your athletes and it will benefit all
parts of their lives.

 Identify and address your athletes’ limiting behaviors, build-
on on their strengths. 

All the answers costs less than a pair of training shoes per athlete.

Could it be the most important investment you make this season?

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